Welcome to

Haus Academy

Welcome to Haus Academy
Haus is a German word meaning a house or home, a sense of family we have with our students and always treasure throughout our careers as teachers.
Haus was founded in 2015 by a group of active and experienced tutors. Among us are scientists, lecturers, entrepreneurs, marketers, translators, thinkers, readers, and artists, all sharing a similar passion and philosophy in teaching. We insist that knowledge and skills must induce divergent and critical thinking to cultivate individuality as well as a sense of social and ethical responsibility.
From the initially small venue hosted by no more than eight tutors, Haus Academy has continuously grown and attracted like-minded teachers during these years. Now our family has over 40 tutors and welcomes a wide range of international students from many schools both in Thailand and overseas, including Shrewsbury International School, Harrow International School, Bangkok Patana School, NIST International School, International School Bangkok (ISB), St. Andrews International School, Ruamrudee International School, Brighton College (Bangkok and UK), Cheltenham Ladies’ College (UK), Tonbridge School (UK), Concord College (UK), Phillips Exeter Academy (USA), Kent School (USA), Fay School (USA), and many more. Many of our past successful students also return and visit us every summer, some of whom have already graduated and become Haus tutors as well.
We provide one-on-one or small-group tutorials in the British, American, and IB curricula as well as other standardised examinations such as SAT, ACT, BMAT, and school entrance examinations such as 11+, UKISET and ISEB. Subjects offered at Haus also cover all the main groups: Natural Sciences, Human Sciences, Mathematics, Languages, and the Arts. For more detail, please see Our Courses
Our academic support also extends to school and university guidance and personal statement course.

What We Teach

Natural Sciences

● Physics

● Chemistry

● Biology

Social Science​s​ & Humanities

● Economics

● Business

● Psychology

● Geography

● History

● English and Thai Literature​ (เรียนเกี่ยวกับวรรณคดี)

Mathematics and Language Skills

● English

● Thai

● Math


● Art & Design

● Design Technology

Computer Technology

● Computer Science